What is move_thru YOGA?


- Attention to movement
- Principles for efficient use of power
- A movement practice where we nuance activated and tense body
- Establishment of strength and mobility
- Clarity of body structure

Want to experience increased body surplus?

During an hour of Katja you get precise and custom instructions. She guides you with a good mood. Katja is committed to establishing a safe room where there is room for exploring the own borders

Move_thru Yoga is a practice that engages body and mind, beyond action. By physically and mentally learning how to let go, the vitality of the body will increase.

The classes last for 90/60 minutes and contain exercises (asanas) that we repeat each time and end with a guided relaxation. The course is suitable for beginners and for you who are more experienced yogi.

Yoga intensive lasts for 3 hours.
This is a 4-part recess series where each session has a main theme. This is an opportunity for technical specialization in own practice, and a good introduction to yoga. You can attend one or more times.

For an overview of the next course, see agenda.

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