An independent idealistic institution that freely challenges the relationship between dance and finance.

Dance & Finance puts resources in motion.

In DREAM - To make gold of gray stones, Dance & Finance tests the unused resources around them. With freedoms we turn down on established expectations and look at the audience as our greatest asset! With the head in the dream and eyes on the budget, we are working as office rotors for DREAM. We will develop alternative methods for the production of performing arts with a communist starting point. We believe that system and free deployment go hand in hand and, through curation and systematization, will put resources in motion!


Svett skjorte

I get stuck in you.
It's an attempt to get away. Get away from myself.
Sweat shirt.

A research about addiction.
Basically, being physically sewn together.

Residence at Årvoll Farm, autumn 2017
Performers: Katja Schia and Catharina Vehre Gresslien
Concept: Katja Schia


Fun Fact

In Fun-Fact, we will focus on human needs for control, in contrast to human uncontrollable bodily and chemical processes. We invite a macro-examination of the body's microscopic reactions.



Roundabout is a negotiation of the patterns we have already imagined.

This will be a research in collective and individual intitiative. Our starting point will be methods of movement and illustration.
A single story can be a potential for major misunderstandings.
To tell only one story gives only one understanding of what is.
We need more stories. In Roundabout I want to investigate the power of storing more stories.

In the middle of the room there is a table. The table is around, everyone can see everyone. There are some streaks and drawings on the table, and many thousands. During the introduction, everyone will gather around the table. Performers and audiences are mixed.