The YESS Workshop is an invitation to use the inherent power that we all have. YESS- is to be the super hero you've always seen for you. YESS - is when everyone wears the costume on a regular Monday to leave!

In a YESS - DANCEWORKSHOP we introduce various methods to express positive emotions with the body. Emotions are always linked to a bodily reference and can therefore be influenced both physically and mentally. Collective feelings like anger, fear and anxiety spread rapidly between us, and travel even faster in the media. As quickly as emotions like happiness, power and confidence can be spread among humans. In a YESS workshop, we use tools that make available collective and individual power.

The creative and physical tasks in the workshop are based on questions such as: How does it seem to love someone? How do you know when you have fun? Where in the body is the feeling of happiness, gratitude, trust and freedom? What do we do with the body when we feel this? How do I move when I'm happy? Can the feeling of happiness change my movements?

BACKGROUND - We are Katja Schia and Nina Biong. We have both worked long as dance artists. Much of our work lies at the intersection of being an athlete and a conveyor of emotions and intellectual ideas. We have been concerned with the link between movement and emotion. Therefore, we have put in various research studies on how movement affects state of mind and how state of mind affects movements. It has been amazingly interesting! What we have experienced is so important that we have researched the subject itself. The work has resulted in, among other things, the YESS workshop that we have taught in several counties in Norway and Russia.

In this workshop, our goal is to:
- Anchor positive emotions in the body through dance.
- Establish an understanding that body and mind are linked.


Lose your self to dance


with Katja Schia & Amy Pender

Lose yourself to dance is a workshop with a lot of speed and energy. Katja and Amy met in 2015 through the work of Spit fi re Company, one of the Czech Republic and Europe's most innovative performing arts companies. In addition to working in production, we held workshops for flags (Bærum, Prague). Since autumn 2015 we have held workshops for children under the direction of the Salvation Army and Oslo Municipality. We have thus developed and continue to develop our workshop concept.

We use the participants' imagination and the recognizable and close as inspiration for the creative tasks. The games are advanced when mastering occurs. The workshops consist of set material, creative tasks, and play. We think it is important to focus on how one gives birth to the other and how the different elements can flow into each other. How much time we spend on what is customized in relation to each workshop and the group's dynamics.

One of the most important things for us is how children can experience and increase individual mastering by focusing on a collective mastering sensation. Through play and creative work, we learn to multitask and collaborate. In parallel with the physical exploration, we spend time on re fl ection and conversation. It is through a language I find out what I have learned and experienced, these bodily and abstract processes become clearer by being put to the word. We believe in establishing independence through spontaneity and the ability to move freely in relation to different tasks.

In addition to this work, both have a broad teaching experience from different age groups, levels, backgrounds and assumptions, from beginners to professionals. Times: Usually we teach 3-4 day workshops in 4-6 hours per day, but we are open to suggestions. Price: Of course, depends on how many hours it is talking about.