I visualize your text, motion, experience or thought through drawing.


SOCIUS utg. 2 2017 - The future

The fight against climate change is the new labor movement



SOCIUS utg. 1 2017 - Art

The book as expanding practice




SOCIUS utg. 1 2018 -  Påvirkning

* More info will follow soon.





Dystopias calling 1

* More info will follow soon.

Dystopias calling 2

* More info will follow soon


To the job seeker

Dystopisa calling1.jpg
Dystopias calling 2.jpg
Til jobbsøkeren.jpg


Reflection is a work done in addition to the main work. This can happen before, after or on the way. The reflection wants to point in a certain direction, drawing the essence out of something.

Reflection is the materialization of experience.

Can reflection stand as an independent work?



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